Stone Restoration Services top
New England Marble Restoration can restore the beauty of your stone; making it look like new. Why spend a ton of money replacing worn, scratched, neglected, just plain old “beat up” floors, walls, vanity tops, kitchen countertops, shower walls and more? 

Whether you want your marble front entry to shine like a mirror or your granite countertops to look like new again, it can be done!  Whether seeking floor, shower, vanity top, or countertop restoration, New England Marble Restoration has the extensive knowledge and the capability to bring your stone back to life.

With 20-plus years in the stone business, New England Marble Restoration has the knowledge and expertise that is unmatched—we know stone. We provide care for all stones including marble, granite, limestone, terrazzo, travertine, ceramic and porcelain tile, bluestone, slate, Mexican tile, and concrete.

Stone Maintenance Services top
New England Marble Restoration wants you to know your stone can continue to look as beautiful and like new all the time.  With the proper care and maintenance on all your stone surfaces, you can prevent expensive restoration.    We offer continued maintenance plans on any basis, whether it be monthly, every 6 months or yearly.  As stone, tile and grout specialists, New England Marble Restoration will keep your stone surfaces looking beautiful all the time.

Most damaged surfaces occur due to improper care of your stone.  When your stone surface is restored, it is important to apply a sealer to protect the longevity of that stone’s surface. A sealer will help in maintaining the beauty of the stone’s appearance without having to do costly restoration.   It will give you that extra time to clean up a spill before it permeates the stone surface. When cleaning your stone, always use a neutral PH cleaner available at most stone and tile stores.  Always avoid acidic and harsh chemical cleaners, which are not safe for stone.

Marble & Limestone Services top
Did a guest spill a glass of wine on your marble floors?   Did your maid use vinegar to clean your stone?  Did you get makeup or hair spray on your vanity tops?  There are many causes for stone surfaces to become damaged.  Whether you want to remove scratches, etchings, rust stains, water spots, polish or restore your marble or limestone, we have the solutions. Once your problem is diagnosed, New England Marble Restoration will begin the process of preparing, restoring and bring about beautiful results.

Travertine Services top
Only a true stone care specialist would know how to properly restore your travertine floors or countertops.    Because Travertine has natural voids, the voids are filled from the fabricator.  However, over time the voids can become loose due to wear and will require repair and maintenance.  New England Marble Restoration fills the voids with a high shine polyester resin.  If a honed finish is desired then a latex-based filler is used.  The surface is polished and sealed for a high gloss shine.  New England Marble Restoration will have your travertine floors looking beautiful again.

Grout Services top
As tile and grout specialists, New England Restoration can restore your grout to its original color.  See our “steam” section for more information.  Grout that has been discolored due to mold and mildew, soap scum, dirt and grime can easily be removed.  We use a technique of heated water and pressure to open up the pores in grout and literally pull out all the dirt and grime.  This process will restore your grout’s appearance and look like new.  You will be amazed how this process will not only clean grout but will kill mold, mildew and bacteria.  

Chip/Crack Repair Services top
New England Marble Restoration will custom repair chips and cracks on most stone surfaces.  We can fill or bond the area with a colored polyester resin that dries in less than 1 hour.  Once the area is dry, we will polish or hone the surface in order to match existing surface.  Most repairs go unnoticed and blend in beautifully with the background or veining. 

Countertop Services top
Granite Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing
Most households have granite countertop surfaces.  Because it is the hardest of stones, it is the most durable.  Most of the time granite can take abuse, but like any natural stone, damage does occur.  Because granite is a natural stone, it is susceptible to staining from oils and grease.  Your granite countertops can dull over time from everyday use.  With a re-polish and sealant, the granite can be returned to a glossy and brilliant shine—Just like when it was new!  Remember, always clean your granite with a neutral PH cleaner.  Like any stone, it is important that to maintain the integrity of the stone surface by having a sealer application applied every year or every other year. 

Marble/Limestone Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing
You might have a beautiful marble vanity top in your bathroom, marble top on the bar or marble countertops in your kitchen; however, marble is porous and susceptible to acidic and harsh cleaners, acidic fruit juices and even hair sprays. Over time the marble or limestone will develop varying degrees of staining from etchings to drink rings and water marks.  As your stone care professional, New England Marble Restoration will bring your marble back to its original state.  The key to stain prevention is applying sealer to your marble surfaces. If a spill does occur, blot spill immediately and then clean entire area with a neutral PH cleaner.

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