VaporLuxVaporLux Steam Cleaning

VaporLux Steam Cleaning process is the newest cleaning system that kills all mold, mildew and germs safely without the use of chemicals. The system uses water heated to approximately 300 degrees. The cleaning process is helpful to those with allergies by killing all mold and mildew as well as sanitizing any hard surface throughout the house.

The Concept:

Potable water is heated to 311º in a Stainless Steel Boiler, which creates vapor. Vapor is a gas that has about a 5-6% moisture content. As all gasses do, when vapor contacts the atmosphere it expands violently and dissipates.

Vapor molecules are extremely small and are able to penetrate the pores on any surface. When the hot vapor molecules come in contact with the cool surface in the pores, they violently expand and force all dirt, debris and bacteria to the surface. Because the vapor molecules are so hot, bacteria as well as most other harmful pathogens are killed. The result is a surface that is free of any substance that was not on the original surface.

The Value:

  • Dirt, debris and harmful substances are removed.
  • Chemicals, grease, oil, soap and detergent are removed
  • Non-toxic, no contamination. Safe to use anywhere.
  • Can detail clean as well as general purpose clean
  • Takes less time, yet cleans more thoroughly.
  • No chemicals needed, although heat enhances chemical performance.
  • Everything that is cleaned is hypoallergenic.
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