Stone Troubleshooting
All stones are different and take on stains differently.  We know stone—that is our specialty—New England Marble Restoration will be able to determine what type of stone you have. What caused the stain?  Then proceed to remedy a solution.

A Quick Reference Guide

What is the problem? What is the problem? What is the solution?
Worn,dull surface heavy traffic use Hone and polish
Etch marks Harsh acidics Hone or polish
Powder residue Efflorescence Allow floor to dry
Dull/clouded appearance Harsh acidic cleaner Hone or polish
Uneven tiles (known as “lippage”) Poor installation Grind flat & polish
Water spots/rings Acidic drinks/hard water Hone and polish
Rust stains/yellowing Iron in water/harsh water Strip & clean/polish
Sticky surface Wax buildup/overuse of cleaners Strip & clean/polish
Swirl marks Steel wool/buffing pads from previous trade Hone and polish
Holes/pits Naturally to stone/chemical damage Fill with polyester resin

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