• Setup
    Setup for restoration.
  • Before1
    Before right side of sink.
  • After1
    After right side of sink.
  • Before2
    Before left side of sink.
  • After2
    After left side of sink.
  • Before-Deep-Cleaning-Marble
    Before deep cleaning marble floor.
  • After-Deep-Cleaning-Marble-
    After deep cleaning marble floor.
  • Before-Removal-of-Calcium
    Before removal of calcium buildup.
  • After-Removal-of-Calcium
    After removal of calcium buildup
  • Before-Stripping
    Before slate floor stripping
  • After-Stripping
    After slate floor stripping.
  • Cement-Flr-Restore
    Cement floor restoration.
  • Granite-Countertop-Refinish
    Granite countertop refinishing.
  • Refinishing-Machine
    Refinishing machine.
  • Polished-Marble-Flr
    Polished marble floor.
  • Fire-damage-1
    Fire & Smoke Restoration #1: shown with restored sample area, center, and peripheral showing fire damage.
  • Fire-damage-2
    Fire & Smoke Restoration #2: shown with restored sample, center, and peripheral area showing fire damage.



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