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  Tile Do Not's:

Do not, wash any marble surface with vinegar or any acidic based cleaner. i.e., Bleach, chlorine, or strong bathroom or grout cleaners

Do not, use abrasive cleaners.

Do not, let sand and salt build up on your stone surfaces.  They will wear down
the finish and cause scratches.

Do not, let your floors wear down to an absolute dull, scratchy finish.   This will prevent a costly restoration down the road.

Do not, use vacuum cleaners with worn metal or plastic attachments.  This will cause scratches in the stone surface.

Tile Do's:

Do, if a spill occurs, blot up spill immediately and flush the area with water, mild soap and towel dry.

Do, use a neutral PH cleaner to clean your stone surfaces supplied at most tile stores or call a stone care professional.

Do, keep your floors maintained at a high polished level to prevent a costly restoration.

Do, dust often with a soft terry cloth towel.

Do, protect floors with area rugs, non-slip mats.

Do, protect your countertop surfaces by using drink coasters, trivets, or place mats.

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